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Students Code Of Conduct:

  1. It is obligatory for all students to use the standard prescribed college uniform.
  2. Students must carry their college Identity Cards at all times inside the College campus. In case of loss or damage of the Identity Card, the college authority should be informed immediately.
  3. Students must be regular and punctual in attending classes.
  4. Ragging in any form inside the college campus is strictly prohibited and punishable
  5. Cleanliness should be maintained at all cost.
  6. All students should read the College notice board regularly.
  7. All bona-fide students are expected to be conversant with the code and guidelines as stipulated below and any amendments that might be incorporated from time to time as per requirement and necessity
  8. Every student shall be familiar with the Academic Calendar of the college (uploaded in the college website)
  9. Every student shall behave towards every individual inside the campus in a way that is expected from a good educated citizen
  10. No student shall be in possession of any intoxicating substances (drugs, alcohol, etc), tobacco products, chewing gums, etc. during their presence inside the campus.
  11. Use of plastic items below the standard accepted norms is strictly prohibited.
  12. No student shall be in possession of any offensive item, viz. sharp weapons, arms, ammunition, etc. during their presence inside the campus.
  13. Use of cell phones for conversation is strictly prohibited inside the classrooms/ laboratories/ verandahs/ building passages

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