Combination of Subjects
Higher Secondary (Arts)

1) English
2) Either Alternative English or MIL (Assamese, Bengali, Hindi)

Elective Subjects
A student can take any four of the following subjects
Economics, Political Science, Education, History, Logic & Philosophy, Advance Assamese.

This is a Three years (Six semester) programme leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Arts (B.A.). A student may desire for subjects as mentioned here :-

A. For a student with Major

i) Major (English, Assamese, Bengali, Hindi, Economics, Educations, Philosophy, Political Science, History.)
ii) First Subsidiary (Economics, Education, Philosophy, Political Science, History, Tourism & Travel Management)
iii) Second Subsidiary (MIL- Assamese, Bengali, Hindi/Alternative English/Non-Language Subject)
iv) English.

B) For a student without Major :

I) First Elective (Economics, Education, Philosophy, Political Science, History, Tourism & Travel Management)
ii) Second Elective (Economics, Education, Philosophy, Political Science, History, Tourism & Travel Management)
iii) Third Elective (MIL- Assamese, Bengali, Hindi/Alternative English)
iv) English

* Points to be noted :
a) In the case of MIL / Alt.E, Students with Language Major will take a subject / language other than the one in which he/she is majoring, e.g. An English Major Student can opt for another language course or take another subject. Similarly a Hindi Major Student may take another subject of Alt. English or another language.

b) Students with English major, with ref. of English I & English ll in the 1st & 2nd Semester (1st yr.) will take an English paper different from the one taken by students of other subjects.

c) Students seeking for Major in desired subjects will be allowed to have the same, subject to due permission from the University.

Semester system in ba course under Gauhati University

The Gauhati University is introducing semester system in all undergraduate courses with effect from 2011-2012 as per UGC's directive. The BA Course shall be of six semesters covering three calender years. The schedule for the semester system is as foilow :

First, Third and Fifth Semester (including Examinations) Aug 01 -- Dec. 31
Second, Fourth and Sixth Semester (including Examinations) Jan 01 -- June 30
Semester Break July 01 -- July 31

A student's performance in semester system shall be monitored throughout the semester by continuous assessment in the theory and practical courses. Evaluation in each theory and practical paper will be as follow :

Internal Evaluation : 20% Marks (includes two sessional examinations)
External Evaluation : 80% Marks

Internal evaluation shall be based on sessional examinations, home assignments, seminars, library work in each semester, while external examination shall be through a final examination at the end of the semester. The pass marks on each theory paper is 30% and that in each practical paper is 40%. Students must secure pass marks in both internal and external examination evaluated separately.

(For further details about the semester system, one may refer to thq Gauhati University website :
* ENS Project/ Field Report for the students of 4th Semester must be submitted just after Second Sessional Examination.

Students code of conduct
1. It is obligatory for all students to use the standard prescribed college uniform.

2. Students must carry their college Identity Cards at all times inside the College campus. In case of loss or damage of the Identity Card, the college authority should be informed immediately.

3. Students must be regular and punctual in attending classes.

4. Ragging in any form inside the college campus is strictly prohibited and punishable.

5. Cleanliness should be maintained at all cost.

6. All students should read the College notice board regularly.

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